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    How to install LED lights

    Question:How to install LED lights     2012-08-15

  • Reply 2012-08-23

    1, check the lamp with wire is roughly flush with the port of the port

    LED lamp belt twist may cause light with wires with external relative sliding plastic parts. If inside the lamp with port, grow port many wires, plug the lamp directly with plug is likely to cause a short circuit, cause burning lamp with plug even light band, encounter this kind of situation, please you will long out of the port of the wire clip can be slightly. Must be careful, if the cut is much, the meter is cut is broken, so be sure to look at the light belt on the back of the line cutting. Don't cut into the light with the light bead and any loop. It is important to note that circuit inside the lamp tape. After the cut again connected to the plug, you can light up the lamp brought.

    2, open the LED lamp with a plug plastic cover plate. If you don't open the lamp with flat after, even professionals are difficult to meet good, so please don't bother.

    3, with lights for prospective lamp wires into the lamp inside.

    4, will plug in, check that the lamp tape is connected; If it was bright with all the congratulations you meet good; If the LED lights with no shows no connected; If the LED lamp with a Duan Liang a light or LED lights have a meter with not bright, also one meter or the last or first not bright, and so on, can only show that no plug connected.

    5, to be determined after all leds with bright, cover to cover.

    6, finally installed the LED belt

    What is LED

    Question:What is LED     2012-07-25

  • Reply 2012-08-24
  • Hello, led the English abbreviation of the word, the main meanings : led=light emitting diode, light emitting diode, is a solid state power can be converted into visible light, it can turn electricity into light